Office chair metal base is a common kind of chair component. Generally, it is divided into aluminium chair legs and iron chair legs. Most people may not know how to measure sofa furniture whether it’s good or bad only from its appearance. Therefore, Is there a standard that is recognized by chair leg manufacturers and buyers? Here, of course. BIFMA Standard will be your best choice. What is the BIFMA standard? The full name of BIFMA is The Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association. The BIFMA standard is well known for its comprehensive content and technical rigor and has won wide recognition worldwide. Some chair bases manufacturers lack the technology and can only take into account the quality of the product surface. Not evaluating and investing in the product mix. This will not only let customers suffer economic losses but are also likely to affect the personal safety of customers when using. BIFMA testing is one of the most influential testing methods in the industry, providing chair leg manufacturers with a way to continuously optimize their products and consumers with a way to protect their rights. Our aluminum chair bases will be improved with BIFMA5.1 as well. Welcome to send your drawing to us for a consult at We will provide more suggestions for optimization to you as a reference.

An office chair without a good base can cause problems for the user. This can cause accidents for users of these chairs when trying to move the chair around. In addition, if the base is not strong enough, it may break and cause the user to fall. Here more details will cover key information about office chair bases and their different types based on each physical feature and function. Aluminum chair bases have excellent oxidation resistance, can avoid long-term exposure to outdoor rain erosion and rust, and other problems. There is more design and style made by Aluminium die-casting. If it is produced by iron, it will be limited by the production process and can not create more shapes and styles. If you want a high-level presentation.No Doubt, aluminium alloy chair bases are your better choice than Iron or Plastic products.

There are several reasons people replace office chair bases. This will hold the office chair and prevent further damage. Another reason could also be that people may switch from office chair bases with casters to office chair bases without casters. Finally, the base of the office chair needs to be replaced. In order to follow this process carefully, it is best to follow these steps accordingly. So we start:

1. If the replacement is done in an office, it is advisable to lay old newspapers or drop clothes on the floor. This will lubricate the oil in the cylinder of the chair base and it must be disassembled in order to remove the base.

2. On newspaper or a drop cloth, place the chair upside down so that the center of the chair base is visible and easy to remove.

3. Look for a clip in the center of the office chair base for easy removal. The best tools are needle-nosed pliers or flat-blade screwdrivers. Once you have the tool, use it to bend the clamp until it opens slightly before sliding it out of the plunger.

4. Remove the gasket located on top of the piston base. No tools are required, just a freehand pull.

5. The base is now loose, so the next step is to twist the base counterclockwise as if unscrewed. After that, carefully remove the base, leaving the base and cylinder (if applicable) attached.

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