Metal furniture feet offer a stylish alternative to modern furniture or provide a modern style for traditional sofas and chairs. Kinnay's metal furniture feet have durability and various functions. There are mainly two series of metal furniture feet for sale, including metal sofa legs series and metal chair bases series. We have established our own design team to create more metal furniture feet styles and models. As an excellent metal furniture legs supplier, Kinnay's metal sofa legs and metal chair bases have passed strict quality inspection. We have our own lab for the BIFMA test and salt spray test and we insist on improving our metal sofa legs and metal chair bases in a strict way.

Stamping metal furniture feet have more fashion design which to some extent are more angular shapes such as its triangle design, cavity, and arc-shaped are mainly representative not only giving furniture more fashion elements but also providing more inspiration for designer to match with which house design. This enhances your decorating options in some surprising ways. And Kinnay keeps developing new models every year.

Generally, there are two materials: zinc alloy and aluminum alloy. Alloy die-casting metal furniture feet provide us with clearer shapes and outlines, and also provide more accurate sizes. Zinc alloys are characterized by durability and high strength. The aluminum alloy also has durability and high intensity. At the same time, aluminum alloy has better toughness and is not easy to decompose, and can adapt to cold states. We will also provide surface-completed customized services for alloy die-casting metal furniture feet, such as electroplating, powder coating, spraying, etc.

Metal chair bases are also an important project, mainly divided into office chair series and leisure chair series. Aluminum chair bases as a popular office metal chair base appearing, their good toughness and corrosion resistance reassured the people. As to leisure metal chair bases, we specially equipped these products with our own production of rotating shafts to ensure quality and long work life.

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