The sofa has become a necessary piece of furniture for most people. Comfort has always been the hallmark of the sofa. As sofa manufacturers grow, how to make sofas comfortable has become a competitive strength today. Therefore, Every sofa producer is looking for product differentiation to improve their competitiveness. Some people are looking for the breakthrough point in the leather material of a sofa, while others plan to pursue the sofa legs skills to enhance business competitiveness. Which leads to custom sofas becoming more and more popular. Today, We mainly talk about how to assemble custom sofa legs.

Custom sofa legs are generally based on cutting and welding to splicing. Cutting technology mainly includes tool cutting and laser cutting. Tool cutting is low cost but just can do some straight cuts. It is sharp after cutting as well. but the main point is the lack of creativity. Laser cutting is a popular process now. It can cut out some special angels and radians according to the drawings and customer requirements. It has a smooth cutting, it is safer when workers polish semi-finished products, which caused the polishing cost to go down. It’s also efficient. It’s more than 100 times faster than wire cutting. Meantime, it has a small thermal impact, not easy to deform. For example, solid triangle couch legs are made of laser cutting. Through laser cutting, the angels could be very close to die-casting version. The cutting is smooth and beautiful. The smooth angels can avoid people getting hurt when they kick it carelessly. In the installation, you can adjust both sides of the triangle couch legs on their length or holes as your requirement.

After cutting, we will do some welding to combine the legs, electrical arc welding is still the first choice for most people. But we also suggest doing some laser welding. Laser welding is not only fast but also strong enough and smooth on the welding grooves. We can do some simple polishing or even do nothing polishing. Meantime, it will not cause a bubble on the welding groove. It will bring a better electroplating effect. To sum up, laser technology will be helpful for high-quality custom sofa legs. If you are a sofa manufacturer who is eager to find good sofa legs for your business and get the best sales, we have sofa feet for sale, welcome to contact us:

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