Electronic Sports refers to sports events that use electronic games to compete. Electronic devices are used as a sports equipment to compete against each other in terms of intelligence and reaction. On December 16, 2020, at the 39th General Assembly of the Olympic Council of Asia, e-sports was officially approved to be included in the Hangzhou Asian Games competition program. A good performance of an e-sports player guides the champion of this sport. High-quality gaming chairs equipped for players are also becoming more important in Electronic Sports.

The swivel chair metal base is one of the important parts of gaming chairs. It is different from ordinary computer chair feet or office chair feet. Gaming chair feet are required to move more freely, safely, and strongly, and rich in metal texture and modern flavor, and there is one more important point is colorful, it is usually requested to mix colors with the seat section. Gaming chair manufacturers usually use the car element, such as formula one classic red and black, blending the concept of a black and white grid pattern, a perfect interpretation of the F1 spirit.

1. Paint baking 

Paint baking and spraying technology is the common surface technology of computer chair feet. Because baking paint has a lower friction coefficient, the load in sliding when its friction coefficient will change, but its value is only between 0.05-0.15. In addition, paint also has the performance of moisture resistance, its surface will not be stained with water and oil, in the production process is not easy to touch the solution, even if it is stuck to a small number of stains, just simple wipe, and the downtime is very short, can effectively save working hours and improve work efficiency.

2. Spraying

Once coating can get a thicker coating, such as coated with 100 ~ 300μm coating, with general solvent coating, about 4 ~ 6 times, and with powder coating once can achieve the thickness. The coating has good corrosion resistance. Powder coating does not contain solvent and no waste pollution.

In the future, gaming chair feet will be more and more popular as one kind of swivel chair metal base. It is likely to catch up with the computer chair feet or office chair feet in the sale. However, suitable is the best, please make a reasonable choice according to your needs. Let’s look ahead.

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