Berief Introduction Of ADC 12 Metal Mterial In Aluminium Chair Armrest

Aluminium chair armrest is one of die-casting series of KINNAY aluminium products.The main usage is as aluminium office chair armrest.In order to stable our quality,Aluminium alloy-ADC12 is our first choice material in production.


What Is The Adc12 In Our Aluminium Office Chair Armrest ?

ADC12 is a die cast aluminum alloy, suitable for cylinder head cover, sensor bracket, cylinder block, etc., the implementation standard is: JIS H 532-2006 "Aluminum Alloy die castings".It is also popular in produce furniture accessories now.


ADC12 is equivalent to China's domestic alloy code YL113, alloy brand is YZAlSi11Cu3, the implementation of GB/T 15115-2009. The American Alloy grade is 384, and the implementation Standard is: ASTM B 85-03 Standard Specification for Aluminum-Alloy Die Castings (there may be a newer version than ASTM B 85-03


What Are Constituent Elements For Adc In Our Aluminium Chair Armrest ?

ADC12 aluminum (Al) allowance, copper (Cu) 1.5 ~ 3.5, silicon (Si) 9.6 ~ 12.0, magnesium (Mg) of 0.3 or less, zinc (zinc) 1.0 or less, iron (Fe) of 1.3 or less, manganese (Mn) of 0.5 or less, nickel (Ni) of 0.5 or less, tin (Sn) of 0.2 or less, calcium (Ca) ≤200ppm, lead (Pb) ≤0.1, cadmium (Cd) ≤0.005


Why We Prefer To Choose Adc12 As Our Common Material ?

ADC12 is a better material than ordinary aluminum alloy, . In the process of die casting, the semi-finished product after die casting will have a better filling feeling, and the surface will be smoother. It is also easier to handle sharp edges after die-casting. In terms of polishing, the product will be more convenient for processing, so that the product will have a better luster after polishing, but also improve the yield of the product.This is also why our aluminium chair armrest could be recognized by our customers.


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