Metal Chair Base

The base of a chair is what provides stability and structure. Metal swivel chair base is a common kind of chair component. Kinnay produces not only metal sofa legs but also metal swivel chair bases. As one of the professional chair legs suppliers, our metal swivel chair bases are designed to adapt to the performance of various chairs, thereby providing more security for daily use. Kinnay's gaming chair bases are designed for quick installation even for a green hand. The advantage is that the component can be quickly installed and disassembled. There are many models in our gaming chair bases, which meet people's requirements for different styles.

Four-star chair bases and five-star chair bases are common shapes for metal swivel chair bases. few metal swivel chair bases are created in a circular form. The diameter of metal swivel chair bases is from 480mm to 900mm. Normally, the dimension is less than 600mm suits swivel and mobile chairs. 600mm to 700mm is suitable for office swivel chairs, gaming chairs and leisure chairs. More than 700mm is used in functional leisure chairs, and its seat size is big and heavy.

The metal swivel chair base is one of the important parts of gaming chairs. It is different from an ordinary computer chair base or office chair base. Gaming chair bases are required to move more freely, safely, and strongly, rich in metal texture and modern flavor, and there is one more important point is colorful, it is usually requested to mix colors with the seat section. Gaming chair bases manufacturers usually use the car element, such as formula one classic red and black, blending the concept of a black and white grid pattern, a perfect interpretation of the F1 spirit.

A chair without a good base can lead to problems for the user. It may cause accidents when trying to move with the chair. Also, if the base isn’t strong enough, it is likely to break and then cause users to fall. Kinnay's metal swivel gaming chair base has a higher load capacity. Metals are heavier and stronger, which makes them bear more weight than any other office chair base. In addition, metal is a strong and hard material, making it more able to withstand daily wear and tear.

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