Aluminium Chair Base C1

Aluminium Chair Base C1

Simple to install of chair. The mounting bracket is top plate with holes for quick assembly. This sofa leg is made of Aluminium alloy by die-casting. Through Die-casting, It gives us a clearer shape and outline, also provides more precise dimensions. Aluminum alloy is characterized by durability and high strength. Our Aluminium die-casting legs are make of ADC12, it leads better quality and it is more environmentally friendly. At the same time we will provide surface finished customized service, such as electroplating , powder coated, spraying and so on. Common colors include: Polished, Chrome, Black Chrome, Golden, Black, Matt nickel, Brushed Nickel, Matt Chrome. This kind furniture leg own suitable height, it will be easier to clean by hand or robots.

Why metal legs is your first choice for your furniture ?

Metal is durable. This gives it better loading bearing capacity. A variety of production processes, such as cutting, stamping, die-casting, caused its diverse and unique design.

Not matter Modern or retro and classical style, it can be easy to handle. For designer and Furniture manufacturer, they can mix and match their work more freely.



Because of the Aluminium cast iron construction, we are unable to extend the legs to create custom sizes. But it could be cut on height. If you can not find the suitable measure, please contact us and let us know your demand, we recommend others products to you.


Aluminium 4 star chair legs are one popular kind of modern chair legs.It is made by die-casting technology.


What Is Die-casting Technology ?

Die Casting is a metal casting process characterized by the application of high pressure to molten metal using a mold cavity. Molds are usually machined from stronger alloys, a process somewhat similar to injection molding. Generally, Most die castings are iron-free, such as zinc, copper, aluminum, magnesium, lead, tin, and lead-tin alloys and their alloys. Depending on the type of die casting, either a cold chamber die casting machine or a hot chamber die casting machine is required.


The cost of casting equipment and molds is high, so the die casting process is usually only used to produce a large number of products in batches. It is relatively easy to fabricate die-cast parts, which generally require only four major steps at a low incremental cost. Die casting is particularly suitable for the manufacture of a large number of small and medium-sized castings, so die casting is the most widely used of all kinds of casting processes.


Compared to other casting techniques, die casting provides a flatter surface and a higher degree of dimensional consistency. On the basis of the traditional die casting process, several improved processes have been developed, including the no-hole die casting process to reduce casting defects and eliminate pores. Mainly used for processing zinc, can reduce the waste and increase the rate of finished product direct injection process. There are also new die casting processes developed by General Dynamics, such as precision and dense die casting and semi-solid die casting.


Why our chair legs for sales can be successful ?

With the exception of die-casting, we also improve our material. It is not the normal ADC-12.It’s deployed,This makes our electroplated parts smoother and avoids the appearance of pores.So you can see our Aluminium 4 star chair legs are better than others in market.of course,this improvement will not change our strength of Aluminium 4 star chair legs. Every businessman that chooses our chair legs can rest assured.


If you are still looking for where chair legs for sales, welcome to visit and consult us.You can get more choices and good quality in our modern chair legs series 

Product name

Chair leg, Chair base




Aluminium alloy


Modern minimalist

Products size

Diameter 700mm


Polished / Chrome / Black Chrome / Golden / Black / Customized


500 PCS


T / T


7-15 DAYS


15-30 DAYS



Q: How to ensure product quality?

Answer: Our factory is a standard production workshop. It has passed ISO certification. Our products have metal trace element test reports. Many of our self-developed products have patents. Our workshops are well-trained. Our products have gone through a detailed inspection process. We also accept third-party inspections and tests.

Q: What is the main product?

Answer: Our main products are metal feet for sofas, beds, tables and cabinets. With an experienced R&D team and strong production capacity, we provide ODM and OEM services at the same time.

Q: What packaging?

Answer: Pallet, plywood box or according to your requirements.

Q: How about after-sales service?

Answer: We can provide you with technical support to guide you in repairing the product. If you have special needs. We can ask our engineers to help you personally.



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