Which Iron Material The Iron Furniture Legs Applied ?

Iron Furniture legs are one kind of common furniture legs,They are used in many furniture,They are divided into Iron sofa legs, Iron bed legs, Iron cabinet legs, Iron wardrobe legs and so on. Here, we mainly talk about the material of iron furniture legs.


Which kind of Iron is used in Iron furniture legs ?

 It is Q235.

What is it?

Q235 common carbon structural steel is also known as A3 plate which is a kind of steel material. Q represents the yield limit of this material. The following 235 refers to the yield value of this material, which is about 235MPa. And the yield value decreases with the increase of the thickness of the material (thickness/diameter ≤16mm, yield strength is 235MPa; 16mm< plate thickness/diameter ≤40mm, yield strength is 225MPa; 40mm< plate thickness/diameter ≤60mm, yield strength is 215MPa; 60mm< plate thickness/diameter ≤100mm, yield strength is 205MPa; 100mm< plate thickness/diameter ≤150mm, yield strength is 195MPa; 150mm< plate thickness/diameter ≤200mm, yield strength is 185MPa).


Because the carbon content is low, the comprehensive performance is better, the strength, plasticity and welding performance is better match, the most widely used. By Q+ number + quality grade symbol + deoxidation method symbol. The steel number is labeled "Q", which represents the yield point of the steel, followed by a number indicating the yield point in MPa. For example, Q235 represents a carbon structural steel with a yield stress (σ S) of 235 MPa. If necessary, the steel number may be followed by a symbol indicating the quality grade and deoxidation method.


The quality grade symbols are A, B, C and D respectively.

(1) Deoxidation method symbol: F for boiling steel;

(2) B represents semi-killed steel:

(3) Z stands for killed steel;

(4) TZ stands for special killed steel,


The killed steel may not be marked, that is, Z and TZ may not be marked. For example, Q235-AF stands for class A boiling steel. Carbon steels for special purposes, such as bridge steel, Marine steel, etc., are basically represented by carbon structural steels, with additional letters indicating the use at the end of the steel number. Our Iron sofa legs and Iron bed legs are based on Q235D.


Q235 as a good iron material supply enough strength on Iron furniture legs. If you are still looking for best Iron furniture legs, welcome to contact us,we will be your best partner.





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