A leisure chair is a chair that we usually use to enjoy our leisure time. This kind of chair is not as formal as a dining chair and office chair, it has some small personality and can bring people both visual and physical comfort. The leisure chair base brings unlimited comfortable, fashionable household life to your life to enjoy. Concise and lively lines give full play to the connotation of human nature. Just think that, when we enjoy ourselves with a hot tea or coffee on a cozy afternoon when we are seated in the leisure chair, nothing is more relief than this!

5 leg swivel chair base is the most popular for buyers or designers as the sitting part. Because most people think it is stronger in 5 legs structure and it has better points of focus. Common size is a diameter of 700mm to 900mm. while 4 leg swivel chair base is used as a leg supporting part. But after our testing, the diameter 780-880mm is also suited to be the sitting part. Of course, you can also consider using a chair leg with a diameter of 700 to 880mm as a sitting part. It can be used in a living room or personal study. Generally speaking, leisure chairs and office chairs are different and do not have adjustable lifting functions. Our rotating shafts will be safer. Because there is a risk of explosion for gas springs under improper use. We provide a function self-return for customer reference as well. If you are looking for the components for your chair, welcome to contact us via riche@kinnay.com!

Kinnay is a professional chair base manufacturer, we produced the components including leisure chair bases, rotating shafts, and upper plates. There are two main kinds in shape for our leisure chair bases. One is 5 leg swivel chair base, the other is 4 leg swivel chair base. There are two main kinds in shape for our leisure chair bases. One is iron chair legs, the other is an aluminum chair base. A domestic leisure chair is composed of two chairs, one is the chair for sitting, and the other part is supporting legs.

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