Introduction Of Modern Sofa Legs And Cabinets Legs

The Europe type sofa of contemporary avant-courier aboundeth the Europe type sofa of contemporary style mostly colour elegant, line is concise, suit general family to choose. The range that this kind of sofa applies is very wide also, the bedroom that places all sorts of styles feels right. In recent years more popular is the sofa of light color: wait like white rice, cream-colored. Sofa differs according to use makings for cloth art sofa, leather sofa, leather matches cloth sofa to wait a moment. Besides, we also have to mention the sofa legs and cabinets as well as table legs which are important parts of home design adopting modern furniture feet.


Generally Speaking, When it comes to the sofa, we have to say the KINNAY modern sofa legs, as we all know, Sofa can provide a comfortable place for people to relax and get rest in daily use. The sofa legs provide strong supports for it.  There are two main kinds couch legs for it. One is metal couch legs like iron sofa legs, the other is triangle sofa legs. Iron sofa legs are durable in its performance, but relatively expensive than the latter. modern triangle sofa legs have lots of different shape and design. It is help to inspire designers. Most sofa legs suppliers prefer to produce this kind as well. Because it is more extensive and high capability of supporting.


What's more, In our daily life, all kind of cabinets are also everywhere founded in our home. It's important to maintain the balance of the position of a cabinet. As one of professional sofa legs suppliers, KINNAY also produces the cabinet legs products. From the feedback of our clients,  Cabinet with chrome cabinet legs are the first choice for them. Although some people also choose others color, but chrome is the most versatile color beyond doubt. Why chrome color could be popular? Because after electroplating chromium treatment, the product has the following advantages: First, the surface is smooth and more protective; Second, the plating process of the original parts of small deformation, surface chromium plating can enhance the hardness (HR65 above), high temperature up to 500℃, corrosion resistance, acid resistance, wear resistance. Third, according to the characteristics of the product, to achieve visual, three-dimensional effect, to ensure the stable surface quality of the product.


Modern furniture is increasingly becoming  a main part for fashion home style. No matter the sofa or cabinet, And it pushs more and more sofa legs suppliers appear. We believe KINNAY will be your best choice. Besides, for Living room, our cast aluminium table legs are widely used in coffee tables or short tables in living room. People also like the iron table legs. But It looks superior from casting aluminium table legs.It gives us a clearer shape and outline,also provides more precise dimensions.Aluminum alloy is characterized by durability and high strength as well. we believe KINNAY products can meet your daily demands.





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